Awe the beauty of an outdoor fireplace and the warmth of a fire as you’re sitting outside enjoying the chilly fall or winter air as you and your family or guests are sipping a nice hot cup of cocoa, spiced wine or peppermint flavored coffee! What could be better! There are outdoor fireplace designs to suit every size yard or patio, whether you are a fan of river rock, stone, brick, stucco or tile there is an outdoor fireplace that will express your individual personality.

Installing an outdoor fireplace in your yard is not as difficult as one might think depending on the size and style you’re looking for, and of course you will want to choose a style and design that will not only work with the surroundings, but one that gives those who visit a glimpse in your very personality.

outdoor fireplace

Alternative Fuels For Your Outdoor Fireplace

Most outdoor fireplaces burn wood, but more with more emphasis on using ‘green’ technology there are also options for those looking for outdoor fireplace ideas or outdoor fireplace kits that do not rely on wood as the fuel. There are some really beautiful outdoor fireplaces that give the look and feel of having a ‘real’ fireplace without using the not-so-friendly to the environment wood/logs.

outdoor fireplace

There are beautifully designed outdoor fireplaces that use Bio-ethanol liquid fuel or ethanol-gel fuel. Both types burn hot and give the same measure of warmth along with the look and feel of a wood burning fireplace, the only real difference is the fuel burns clean. The added plus is a whole lot less mess than using a regular wood burning fireplace. No need to scope out and clean the ash left from burnt up wood, no wood chip pieces causing a mess as you put wood into the fireplace.

bio outdoor fireplace
Photo: Gandia Blasco

Regardless of whether you want a ‘green’ outdoor fireplace or a fireplace that burns wood or coal there are numerous options available. Some of the really hot fireplace ideas include, mixing and matching materials used in the design, a mostly brick display with a few unevenly placed stones creates a sort of wavy pattern that expresses an easy-going attitude. This design also fits beautifully within a rooftop fireplace garden setting.
rooftop fireplace garden setting

Outdoor fireplace

Match Your Outdoor Fireplace With Your Style

If you want to feel the heat from more than one side, a beautiful stone two-sided outdoor fireplace would be perfect for those friendly gatherings, no matter which side your guest are relaxing on, everyone gets the warmth and the warming view of flames dancing around inside.

Outdoor Fireplace

Outdoor Fireplace

A colonial style solid stone fireplace instantly delivers a warm and welcoming visual with the rough-cut stone surrounded hearth that resonances with a nice cozy patio set. The stone fireplace achieves an abundance of heat, so the whole seating area resonates warmth even when the temperatures begin to chill.

outdoor fireplace

stucco fireplace
Stucco fireplace

Most of the outdoor fireplace kits (check on Amazon) can be fitted to use optional natural gas log or liquid propane inserts, so you can have the full effect of the classic outdoor fireplace designs with the more environmentally friendly alternative fueled fires.


I hope our findings inspire you and make the right decision for your style. Happy shopping and see you again.


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