If you want to change a house into a home, placing pictures of your loved ones all over the place is a very good idea. But how many photo frames can you place inside your house? You need to be creative and [clink id=”1″ target=”_blank” title=”Tips for Photo Organizing” rel=”nofollow”]organize photos[/clink] if you want to display them all, but in the same time make them look pretty together.
Our walls seem to be a good canvas as long as we get some tips of how to display our pictures on a photo wall. Take a look at our suggestions, and try it yourself!

Photo shelves

Perfect for people who are indecisive and want to rearrange from time to time! They are also great if don’t have matching picture frames and want a layered design. Picture shelves can be bought from specialised shops, or you can make them yourself, if you are a crafty person!

photo wall shelves

photo wal white shelves

Photo wall staircase display

Your staircase is usually basic decorated. By adding a unique photo design you can change its overall look to ensure it becomes interesting instead of dull. If you have a central piece, you can also put it in into light to accentuate its’ meaning, just by adding a lamp next to it.

stair photo wall1

stair photo wall2

Photo wall with hangers

These are also perfect for people who are indecisive and want to rearrange from time to time! This approach needs some extra items: strings, branches, rods and clips. You can turn office supplies into cheap and chic photo hangers.

photo wall clip hangers photo wall clip hanger2

Photo pinboards

This solution is easy to make and not very expensive. You can use foam insulation sheets with some fabric on top. Or if you love to drink wine, keep in mind that the wine corks can be used to create a photo pinboard. There are so many different ways you can do this pinboard by yourself. We’d love to see some other ideas and the final result !

photo wall pinboard foam photo wall pinboard wine cork


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