If you were not born with a screwdriver in one hand and a hammer in the other then how to organize your closet may seem a daunting and never ending chore. The fact is you can organize your closet for next to no money. The alternative way to organize your closet is to get a professional organizer to do it or get a designer to build a closet for you.

Simple ways to organize your closet

You have collected piles of stuff in your closet over the years and a lot of that stuff is junk. Take a weekend and clean out your closet. Toss the rubbish and give the things you really do not want to a charity. You may end up with 50 percent more room.

1Put a mirror on the back wall of your closet.

All this takes is a nail or a sticky hanger. The idea is that the mirror makes the space look bigger. The mirror also helps reflect lighting so you can find what you are searching for.

Organize your closet - back wall closet mirror

2Get a small step ladder or a rolling stool.

There is a ton of closet space higher than most people can reach. The ladder helps you organize your closet by storing the stuff you do not use often or the clothing that is out of season on high shelves. The ladder lets you get to that stuff when you need it.

Small step ladder to organize your closet

Source: houzz.com

3Use the closet door for a shoe rack.

You can buy shoe racks that simply slip on the door. Having a shoe rack on the door frees up floor space and keeps you from searching for the other shoe.

Organize your closet - shoe rack organizer

Photo credit: homeandawaywithlisa.com

4Use thin hangers.

A lot of the space in a cramped closet can be taken up by thick hangers. Thick hangers take up the whole slot in the rack. You can fit two thin hangers in a slot. You organize your closet by doubling the space.

Design your closet with thin hangers

5Hang your bags on hooks.

Thick hooks are available that fit over the bar that you hang clothes on. The hook is substantial enough to even support your largest bag or tote when it is full. You get free floor space and you do not hunt for your bags and purses.

Louis Vuitton bag hooks to design your closet

6Use a peg board to store your belts.

You might need some help putting a peg board in, but the idea is that just like in a work shop, the peg board keeps you belts, scarfs or jewellery organized and off of the floor.

Belts peg board to design your closet

Organize your closet with a professional

Find a professional organizer to organize your closet. Yes, there are people who organize for a living and they like it. A professional can help you with the selection of bins, racks, and containers that keep all your stuff visible and easy to get to.

Organize your closet with a designer

Hire a designer if you are dead set on organizing your closet forever. A designer will look at the space you have and install permanent wood or metal fixtures that help organize your closet. Do this if you plan to stay in a home or apartment for a long time.


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